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The most popular idols in Korea right now. News. Koreaboo. February 22nd, 2019. Based on brand ranking data between January 21 and February 22, these are the most popular K-Pop Idols in Korea at the moment. 30. BLACKPINK's Jisoo . 29. NU'EST's Minhyun . 28. Cosmic Girls' Xuanyi . 27. GFRIEND's Sowon . 26. GFRIEND's SinB. 25. TWICE's Momo . 24. TWICE's Tzuyu . 23. ITZY's. K-Pop boy groups continually gain new fans all over the world. So let us look at the top 10 most handsome, hottest, prettiest, adorable, popular and simply unforgettable K-Pop male idols

These Are The TOP 30 Most Popular K-Pop Idols In Korea

Based on brand ranking data from June 24 to July 24, these are the most popular K-Pop idol groups in Korea right now G-Dragon is one of the most popular KPOP male idols since his debut as a member of Big Bang. He is recognized in the group as the 'most fashionable' one, and is noted for his constantly changing image and tight control over his artistry and has strongly opposed the idea of singers as products of the entertainment industry Somi aka Ennik Somi Douma is the kpop female idol. She was a member of the most popular kpop girl group I.O.I. Currently, She is a soloist singer and actor. Due to her charms, she is always praised by her fans. 7

Most Handsome KPOP Idol Most Handsome KPOP Idol: We choose Most Handsome KPOP Idol according to your votes. This list is composed Most Handsome KPOP Idol. Choose your favourite Handsome KPOP Idol one and vote for him! If your favourite Handsome KPOP Idol is not take place in our list. Feel free to comment below! Top 20 Most Beautiful Korean. Most Popular KPOP Groups of each Agency - Duration: 16:20. AE Top Musics 2,224,081 views. 16:20 . I HAVE CRUSH ON A TWICE MEMBER - Duration: 8:58. KPOP 은 인생입니다 PHILIPPINES 450,052.

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BTS' V has been complimented by a number of plastic surgeons for having golden facial proportions and they chose him as the most handsome Kpop idol. He is also famous for his perfect side profile. 951230kth • 2 months ag Most Popular Chinese Idols 2020 (Close: Feb 29, 2020 You can check out the top fifty most searched male K-Pop idols on Google this year below! Google . Read More : Upcoming K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup In September 2019. ASTRO Follow. QUIZ: How Well Do You Know ASTRO's Cha EunWoo? QUIZ: Which Male K-Pop Idol Will Zip Up The Jacket For You? Cha EunWoo's First Experience With VR; More . BIGBANG Follow. G-Dragon's Sister Uploads Idol's. Most hottest Kpop Idols photos Baekhyun is a charismatic and beautiful man who possesses excellent stage and voice presence. This singer performs well on the stage as well as behind the stage as he stood like a childlike, cheerful, bright and funny person. He is a popular and striking Kpop idol and hence is also a member of boy band named EXO

It's definitely Jimin. Even if you go on Koreaboo and search up Most popular Kpop Male idol you will realize that it's Jimin. Though he is not the most popular in the group but he is known worldwide. Even people who are not into Kpop know Jimin, maybe because it's an easy name to pronounce 'China AiMan Index' indicates the fan power, activities of fans and popularity of K-pop Idols in China. Currently EXO, BTS and BLACKPINK members are dominating the rank list. 1) EXO's Baekhyun 2).. Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups talent, active, and best performance. We choose Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups 2020 according to your votes. This list is composed of Famous Kpop Group. Choose your favourite Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups one and vote for him! If your favourite Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups is not taking place on our list. Feel free to. Let's see who's the most popular Kpop female visual. (Note: When a band had more visuals we chose one of them, mostly based on the popularity vote, so please be understanding.) You can vote up to 3 idols. Yoona (Girls' Generation) Sunmi (Wonder Girls) Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) Hara (Kara) Dara (2NE1) Krystal ( f(x) ) Nana (After School K-pop commonly refers to the pop music scene in South Korea, although it is also a catch-all term for anything associated with Korean pop culture. With over three billion YouTube views, Psy's Gangnam Style captured the attention of the international music scene in 2012. Since then, numerous K-pop groups and artists have held concerts in countries all over the world. As the genre's.

These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular K-Pop Idol Groups In

The Most Popular Kpop Groups Of 2020, Ranked . Coley Reed. Updated June 19, 2020 954.4k votes 104.6k voters 489.8k views 152 items . List Rules Only groups currently active in 2020. UPDATE: Which groups will top the greatest Kpop groups of the 2010s decade? Who are the biggest Kpop groups right now in 2020? Featuring new rookie groups and older groups making comebacks, this list of the best. Lisa - BLACKPINK - The Top Kpop Idol on Instagram. Lisa is the top K-pop star on Instagram and she is not even Korean! This goes to show that non-Koreans can make it in the world of Kpop. Lisa was born in Bangkok and is considered one of the best female dancers/rappers in Kpop. Her real name is Lalisa Manoban and Lisa is credited with helping her other Blackpink members with their own.

Many of KPop lover has KPop male idols that always boost their energy with their songs and their adorable attitude. Citing from the brand reputation index by The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute, here are the top 10 most popular Kpop male idols in South Korea As we type what we want to listen to in the search bar, we also see lots of auto-suggestions showing K-Pop idol group names. And often times, the names that we see are also names of idols and groups that have been searched for the most. Below are the most searched female K-Pop idols on YouTube. Twitter . Read More : Most Popular K-Pop Idol Groups Based On View Counts Of Debut MV In First 24. Below are the top 13 most handsome and hottest K-pop idol in 2020. Table of Contents. 13. Kim Jonghyun; 12. Kim Soo-Hyun; 11. Byun Baek-Hyun; 10. Taeyang; 9. Jung Ji-Hoon; 8. Lee Tae Min; 7. Choi Seung Hyun( T.O.P ) 6. Ok Taecyeon; 5. Lee Donghae ; 4. Choi Siwon; 3. G-Dragon (Big Bang ) 2. L(Infinite) 1. Yong-Hwa; 13. Kim Jonghyun. Mastering the art of piano playing, this young and versatile. I'm sorry for all the people that still support this man but Lee Seung-Hyun, Seungri. This lovely man didn't only disappointed me also a bunch of people who supported him since day 1. * -His controversy in Japan: -A magazine published some photo..

Discover what's hot in the KPOP Korean celebrity world. Join the largest kpop & Korean actor photos community & top lists, and view the most popular kpop bts & Korean movie actor photo rankings. KPOP Korean Celebrity Ranking & Photo Downloader enables you to view kpop images and kdrama actor photos of Korean actors (kpop boy singer & kpop girl singers) i.e the best kpop idols. This database page contains all Kpop Instagram Accounts, sorted by their Followers count.. In December 26, 2018, it was reported that EXO's Chanyeol passed BIGBANG's G-Dragon as the K-Pop idol with the most Instagram, this happened a day later.. In April 14, 2019, Blackpink's Lisa (pictured above) surpassed EXO's Chanyeol as the most followed K-Pop idol ♡《Dramas with BEST Kpop Idols》♡ Curated by sristi123_721 . 74 shows. 33600 Followers 33600 Followers. Comments. You may also like. Viki Picks Curated by Viki. 41 Shows Another Life, Same Love Curated by Viki. 46 Shows Designers of Love Curated by Viki. 35 Shows Hidden Identity Curated by Viki. 50 Shows Advertisement. Choose your language : English Help Center; Press Center; Viki Blog.

He used to be super popular in many Asian countries after his role in Boys Over Flower and even became the most powerful male idol of K-Pop during the 2008 - 2012 period. However, he started going downhill after his assault scandal regarding his ex-girlfriend was exposed. Female artist chart. Lee Hyo Ri (Fin.K.L's ex-member) is in 1 st place. Her fame was at its top from 1999 to 2010. Would You Agree that These Male Idols are the Most Popular Mankaes in KPOP? VIXX is extremely popular that the President of Kazakhstan's daughter abducted them to treat them into a luxurious party A very fine line separates love and hate and it comes as no surprise that some of the most successful Kpop idols are also the subject of rabid hate and criticism from anti-fans. According to a report by Koreaboo, among the idols who receive a lot of flak if BLACKPINK's Jennie. It can be recalled that she was rumored to have a bad attitude and. Wouldn't it be nice if a K-pop idol was totally smitten with you? Imagine that. A K-pop idol declaring his love to you with balloons and flowers. Take this quiz to find out which idol would most. There are idols from popular kpop bands as: There are 7 questions in this quiz and every answer means something similar between you and a kpop idol. We give you unlimited time to answer each question, choose carefully. So Play this Kpop Quiz 2020, share it with your friends and share with us your result in the comments. All Best Kpop Personality & Trivia Quizzes with Kpop Stars Quiz. Stay.

Top 10 Hottest, Most Popular, and Most Handsome KPOP Idols

Discover who in this rundown. Here are the top 10 hottest and most famous K-pop idols in 2020. Table of Contents. 10. G-Dragon; 9. Jonghyun; 8. Yong-hwa; 7. L; 6. Sehun; 5. Jungkook; 4. Nichkhun; 3. Baekhyun; 2. Taecyeon; 1. Taehyung aka V; 10. G-Dragon . A beguiling person who is in singing, moving, and rapping in part of stages among the gathering of people. G-Dragon is a standout amongst. Tiffany, one of the most glamorous K-Pop idols is dedicated to her work and performances using her incredible acting skills. Tiffany shows promising performance in almost every show and is quite popular among her fans Hey Kpop fans! you've done enough of knowledge of Kpop it's time to find out which Kpop idols fits you the most! good luck! (and i hope you got your favourite idol for the results hihi

Top 10 Prettiest And Beautiful Kpop Female idols 201

With Success many groups became popular, but today many legend kpop groups' popularity became few. And new kpop bands have emerged took a big popularity in a few time. This is a list of the popular and successful k-pop groups. So vote for the most popular group and share with your friends to vote. Quiz to Play: Kpop Quiz Guess Idols This is a list of my top favorite korean dramas that kpop idols have a starring role! :) In some of them the idols don't have the main role but still the dramas are so good, so it's worth mentioning them! 3,723 users · 32,080 views made by Despoina Spn. avg. score: 7 of 50 (15%) required scores: 1, 2, 3, 5, 13 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. type to search. How many have you.

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Jungkook is a talented kpop male idol like he can sing, dance and rap. He is also called as golden maknae by his fans. Jungkook has a great stage presence which makes him an outstanding kpop idol. 2 For K-POP Idols having a perfect body shape becomes their top priority, some of them often do extreme diets to get the perfect body shape. You might be surprised by their diet plan to lose weight. 1. SISTAR Soyou Diet plan and menu SISTAR Soyou Before Diet. SISTAR Soyou Diet Meal. SISTAR is known as a Girl Group that has a perfect body shape. But, they said it's hard to get the perfect body.

Top 10 Hottest Female K-Pop Idols 2019

Top 20 Kpop Idols Preferred by Koreans! (2019 Gallup List

13 KPop Idols Who Get the Most Hate in Korean Pop Industr

This statistic shows the most popular K-pop idol songs on YouTube in South Korea as of April 2018, based on the number of views in the first 24 hours after the release Complete List of Best Male and Female Kpop Idols Visual 2019! Which One Your Most Favorite? By. Byeol Korea - September 7, 2019. 0. 4447. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. www.pinterest.com Get To Know More About K-Pop's Best Visuals! South Korea is known for their music industry, especially when it comes to K-pop. Everything that has been packed as a brand from South Korea. Original Article from Koreaboo. Based on brand ranking data from May 25 to June 26, these are the most popular K-Pop idol groups in Korea right now. 50. ROME So, we had to have a version of this countdown for the female idols. If you thought that the female idols we were softer than their male counterparts, you are dead wrong. Here are our picks for the absolute shadiest of the shady and the most savage of the savage-est females in the KPOP sphere. 4. Jennie (BLACKPINK) Th Here she comes kicking the door: @lalalalisa_m is the most-followed K-pop idol on Instagram, boasting over 30 million followers to date. FYI, it only took less than a year for BLACKPINK's maknae and main dancer to be hailed as the queen of IG. Lisa gives a ~little bit of this~ and a ~little bit of that~ in her posts, from magazine shoots to places she's been to

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She is the Most Beautiful Kpop Stars In The World 2018 and also on our list. She is a South Korean singer and actress. Bae Su-ji is the real name of Suzy. She was born on 10 October 1994 and now she is 23 years old. She works in the TV shows like While You Were Sleeping, Gu Family Book, Dream High and more. Her movies are Architecture 101 and The Sound of a Flower. She released many albums. Top 20 Most Beautiful Kpop Idols Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; November 04, 2018 girl group girl group ranking idol ranking irene iu Jennie suzy taeyeon Top 20 Kpop Artists Tzuyu yoona. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; Comments. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog K-pop Trainee's Daily Schedule. September 07, 2018 I'm sure you. Kpop Quiz 2020 is a new game and the best way to test your knowledge about the best and the most popular k-pop artists and songs right now! Try this app to see how many K-pop Idol you really recognize. This is one of the biggest kpop quizzes featuring more than 300 questions and always adding more ! This Ultimate Kpop Quiz game is completely free to try List of the most intelligent men and women revealed kpop idols . ᵇˡᵃᶜᵏᵖᵃᶰᵗᵉʳ 06/24/16 . 20. 1. Attention was revealed this time fans who are the idols that are known for their talent and only appearance but also their brains! These idols have become known through its impressive school graduations IQ, test results, and more. Keep in mind that only the idols that are. Which kpop idol are you most like? RebeccaDarking. 1. 9. Hello there! This quiz will tell you which idol you are most like. There are 14 possible results! Also, because I'm self indulgent, I will be showing you pictures of some of my favorite idols (not in results) throughout the quiz! Let's start off light - what is your favorite color, out of the ones below? Idol in picture above: JooE.

10 most popular female idols in Korea in the first half of

  1. Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that are from Japan. Girl pictured above is Mina from TWICE.. Please not that the database does not include the 9 Japanese NiziU members as it's unclear if NiziU will promote as a K-Pop group.. Also check: K-Pop Idols from China and K-Pop Idols from Thailan
  2. ute read; TamilRockers 2020 Website. by Craig Smith; May 15, 2020; TamilRockers 2020 Website: Watching movies is one of the most delightful things in this modern era and.
  3. The most popular kpop Idol..? Started by RylDrmr8.9 , Aug 12 2016 06:24 AM. kpop southkorea female male popular idol gd bigbang exo snsd. Prev; Page 2 of 2 ; 1; 2; This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 33 replies to this topic #21 Amandha Amandha. Superstar. Member 3,100 posts Posted 12 August 2016 - 07:18 AM (Edited by Amandha, 12 August 2016 - 07:19 AM.
  4. K-pop is actually Korean pop music and it consists of dance, electronic hip-hop, and rock from South Korea. Some of the biggest hits of K-pop include the Gangnam style, Mic Drop, Kill This Love, etc. Wonder which K-pop idol was meant for you? Take up this quiz and find him, try listening to his music too
  5. An idol (Korean: 아이돌; RR: Aidol), in fandom culture in South Korea, refers to a celebrity working in the field of K-pop, either as a member of a group or as a solo act.K-pop idols are characterized by the highly manufactured star system that they are produced by and debuted under, as well as their tendency to represent a hybridized convergence of visuals, music, fashion, dance, and music.
  6. he road to success is filled with adventure and crazy outfits! Start a Kpop band and help the princesses become famous in this brand-new dress up game for girls. Hurry up and get it started to join your favorite Disney Princesses in as they are getting ready to hit the stage for their very first concert as a K-pop band. Find out who is the best leading singer, then make sure you find the band.
  7. BLACKPINK is the first Kpop idol group to get a Perfect All-kill in 2020. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments . After releasing the track 'How You Like That' on June 26, BLACKPINK proved their global popularity by continuously setting the first, highest and most records. Notably today, the group has achieved an extremely respectable achievement, breaking the prejudice 'popular.

We ranked 1,018 male KPop idols by height and here are our findings:The Tallest Idols. The two tallest male Korean Pop idols today are Rowoon (192cm) of SF9 and Uiyeon (also at 192cm) of GreatGuys. Followed at 190cm by Taewoo of g.o.d, Hwalchan of GreatGuys, Seoham of KNK, James Lee of Royal Pirates and Lou of VAV.Do some tall idol comparisons So yea. There's that. I'm pretty sure that most kpop idols have had some sort of surgical procedure at some point. Edit: I now know that some people don't consider lip fillers, botox, or other procedures such as those as being plastic surgery. Just clarifying, I'm including those procedures as well. Not necessarily calling them plastic surgery, but grouping them under the idea that a. Aug 26, 2017 - Explore Popular Singer Kh's board Korean Song Popular (Kpop Idol) on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kpop idol, Kpop, Idol

Who is The Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2019? We choose the Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2019 according to your votes. This list is composed of the Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2019. Choose your favourite one and vote for him! If your favourite K-Pop Male Idol is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above. Tagged : kpop, idols, YouTube, channel, IU, BLACKPINK, These Are The Most Beautiful Idols Selected by Other K-Pop Idols Through The Years (2011 to 2020) TXT Will Be Singing The New Theme Song. Most Kpop idols' stage presence is mediocre. Controversial . Now I've been a kpop fan since 2009 and I was young and impressionable and genuinely believed kpop idols were so talented and charismatic. Then I watched Beyoncé's homecoming and literally became a beehive overnight and thought damn no one even compares. Of course some idols have amazing stage prescence; ateez san, winner mino. this is a list of few among the many kpop idol actors in drama and movies so which ones have you seen? 4,619 users · 39,470 views made by Roostershree. avg. score: 10 of 70 (14%) required scores: 1, 2, 3, 12, 19.

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  1. Top 10 Best KPop Bands Best K-Pop Couples Best Male Kpop Bands thekpopmaniac1408 Best Leaders of K-POP Groups mejustgotlucky Kpop Idols With the Best Personality yukikimnohara Best KPOP Songs of All Time Most Annoying Kpop Fandoms Top 10 Male Kpop Dancers besttoptens Best K-pop Couple Fandom Best K-Pop Groups of All-Time hatcher234 Hottest Male Kpop Groups VoteForBias Best BTS Members tara_kp.
  2. TC CANDLER chooses the world best beautiful face annually. However, the rankings are known to be extremely subjective, and the reliability is often controversial. This is because there is a rumor that winners are chosen without any data related to the assessment by Candler himself. # most handsome kpop idol # kpop idol. We have so far looked at Kpop information. I hope this article will.
  3. 5 avr. 2018 - Who's the most popular Kpop visual? (Male edition) The visual of a Kpop group is basically the most handsome member of their group. Handsome for who? Well, to explain that, we have to dig a bit in the Korean culture. Unlike western people, who consider beauty a taboo, something subjective and that cannot be measured,

Can you name the male idols in terms of popularity? popular male idols!? Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by moonctzen play quizzes ad-free. Random Quiz. Here are the best Kpop idols from China right now, ranked by fans everywhere. Not including former K-pop artists, like Kris Wu, Victoria, and Cao Lu, this list of Chinese Kpop idols features current members from popular groups, like Got7's Jackson, CLC's Elkie, and Pristin's Kyulkyung. Vote up the top Kpop idols who were born or raised in China Who is The Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2020? We choose the Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2020 according to your votes. This list is composed of the Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2020. Choose your favourite one and vote for him! If your favourite K-Pop Male Idol is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above. The most popular kpop Idol..? Started by RylDrmr8.9 , Aug 12 2016 06:24 AM. kpop southkorea female male popular idol gd bigbang exo snsd. Page 1 of 2 ; 1; 2; Next; This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 33 replies to this topic #1 RylDrmr8.9 RylDrmr8.9. Debutee. Member 125 posts Posted 12 August 2016 - 06:24 AM. Who do you guys think is/are the most.

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  1. kpop, K-Pop music, K-Pop boy groups, best K-Pop boy bands, top K-Pop boy groups, K-Pop male idols, K-Pop idols, K-Pop stars, bangtan, BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, KARD, GOT7, INFINITE Follow Pop Boys K Pop Idol Mingyu Seventeen Asian Actors Shinee Baekhyun Got7 Boy Groups Kdram
  2. She is the 9th Most Beautiful Kpop Stars In The World 2018 and also on our list. She is a South Korean singer and actress. Kwon Yuri also knew as Yuri. She was born on 5 December 1989 in Seoul, South Korea and now she is 28 years old. She won the Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress in Film and Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Female in Television. Her albums are The Boys, Lion.
  3. As an idol that has been in the music scene for a long time, many would often dismiss him and say his age is hindering his ability to dance. While it's true that he might be past his prime, he is still one of the best dancers in the kpop scene and was well known for his dancing in his era. He knows how to flawlessly execute his dance moves.
  4. , jin, jungkook, lisa, rm, sulli, twice, v. Read.

Top 20 Most Handsome Kpop Idols Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; October 23, 2018 boy group boy group ranking idol ranking Top 20 Kpop Artists. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest ; Email; Other Apps; Comments. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog K-pop Trainee's Daily Schedule. September 07, 2018 I'm sure you're very curious about k-pop trainee's. YouTube star and former K-pop idol Grazy Grace uploaded her video 'This Is How Much I Made As a Kpop Artist In 3 Years' revealing that during her three years as a K-pop idol, she earned $0 from the music itself and less than US$500 (~S$674.88) in total for other activities. She shared that she and her fellow K-pop idol friends had to get part time jobs even after years in the industry in order.

The Top 50 Most Searched K-Pop Male Idols In Mid 2019

Korean pop, or more widely known as Kpop, has been taking over the world for the past decade or so. Whether you love it or hate it, you've got to admit that you know at least one Kpop song that got stuck in your head for a few days after first hearing it. Known for their catchy music and synchronised moves, the Korean music industry is also often likened to a factory churning out Kpop idol. 7/mai/2018 - K-Pop boy groups continually gain new fans all over the world. So let us look at the top 10 most handsome, hottest, prettiest, adorable, popular and simply unforgettable K-Pop male idols 2019 Sep 14 - K-Pop boy groups continually gain new fans all over the world. So let us look at the top 10 most handsome, hottest, prettiest, adorable, popular and simply unforgettable K-Pop male idols Lesser-Known Kpop Idols Who Became Way More Popular After They Switched To Acting. By. Hager Moore-March 29, 2020 10:47 am. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest . WhatsApp. Being an idol in the Korean industry is very difficult. And even after going through rigorous training to debut, you still have to fight for a position in the industry that is overly saturated with many other Kpop idols who. 10 Most Popular and Beautiful Kpop Idol 2014 10 Most Popular and Beautiful Kpop Idol 2014. Sulli 10. Choi Sulli f(x) Born as Choi Jin-ri on March 29, 1994. Began her acting career at the age of 11. After playing cameo roles in some Korean dramas, Sulli auditioned to S.M. Entertainment to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer and lived in Seoul alone without her parents. She is a member of the.

Here’s The Most Popular Female Idols Among Korean Lesbian

Okay obviously this test is for Kpop female fans who are just obsessed about kpop male idols as much as i am, so I decided to do this test for fun and to help you day-dream all day lo~ng :P btw i based the answers from variety shows that i watched ! $1HWAITING ^^ Take this quiz! He winks at you so you.... if you ever had to adopt a pet together it'll totally be a. you ask him if your. Most People Can't Identify These 20 K-Pop Idols — Can You? Ride that K-pop wave all the way to a perfect score! Or not, we shall see Kpop Idols Who Have A Scary First Impression But Are Softies In Real Life. These Popular Kpop Groups Will Reach 7 Years Soon, Will They Renew Or Disband? Besides BTS Suga, Here Is The Full List Of Male Artists Who Collaborated With IU. Netizens Choose Idols Who Resemble Rabbits + Agree That BTS Jungkook Resembles Rabbits The Most . The 20 Biggest Entertainment Companies Pick The Top Kpop Boy. Among the most popular Kpop groups, BTS, the Korean boy-band sensation taking the world by storm, nabbed the second and third positions in the IFPI's 2018 Top 10 best-selling albums. BTS - Love Yourself ' Answer ' was the world's second most successful album with 2.7 million units sold, while BTS - Love Yourself 'Tear' clinched the third spot with 2.3 million units K-pop — the broad name for the musical genre produced within South Korea's notorious music-making factories — is one of the most successful genres in the world, fostering a seemingly endless. First Pic: The most popular Kpop artist in 2013!! (Cr Weibo) Second Pic: Most popular idols in Japan First Pic: The most popular Kpop artist in 2013!! (Cr Weibo) Second Pic: Most popular idols in Japan First Pic: The most popular Kpop artist in 2013!! (Cr Weibo) Second Pic: Most popular idols in Japan First Pic: The most popular Kpop artist in 2013!! (Cr Weibo) Second Pic: Most popular idols

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